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Joomla is a Content Management System that allows for a wide variety of extended functionality, good for a small organization with needs related to control of information flow. This CMS can be extended to do things like pages, blogs, galleries, searching, profiles and social functions, database functions, and many more.


  • Very versitile functionality with a large library of extensions
  • Allows control of interfaces so that those with knowledge of the system can make using the system easier for those without knowledge
  • Workflow functionality to control publishing of information among several members
  • in some cases, allows integration of database functionality
  • Very large libraries of free templates are available for downloading of different looks
  • Broad functionality for social sites


  • Customization beyond packaged extensions becomes messy; they are only customizable to an extent without deep programming
  • Concentric organization of security groups lacks complete functionality to compartmentalize workflow and content like a large organization would require
  • Security restricts editing to a single author plus a silo of editors and administrators; in effect, no shared editing

More information can be found at www.joomla.org

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