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Drupal is an extremely flexible and extensible content management system that is difficult to configure, but nearly infinitely malleable. This is ideal for a large organization with requirements for compartmentalization and customization:  even customization for individual pages is possible. This CMS has a very steep learning curve, but is among the most flexible.


  • Extremely flexible on every element, from display of a set of pages to special functions added to a small form on a page
  • Security roles can be arbitrarily defined, with granularity down to individual functions on individual data types
  • Arbitrarily define data and page types, and how those pages and data are displayed
  • Able to support a number of sites sharing the same extensions and same heirarchy of custom themes, for reletively easy administration of multiple similar, custom sites.


  • This CMS takes years to master, and is only for the most decicated of customers. The simplest sites can take days or weeks to put up, even by an experienced professional. Quick use of this software normally means hiring a contractor and a serious committment
  • Extensions and themes are very abstract, with very little practical design in place by default. Nearly very extension must be configured before use and many of the few themes available, while flexible, are hardly ready for use out of the box and must be customized

More information can be found at: www.drupal.org

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