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Free Web Hosting: Tips and Tricks

There are thousands of choices when it comes to web hosting, so it can be hard to navigate your options. When it comes to free hosts, you need to be even more careful about your selection. This article will help you learn about how to find the best free host for your website.

Locating a free host is as easy as using Google. You can also use comparison websites which show you reviews about your various options. These are often very helpful as they contain reviews from actual customers who have had experience with the hosts in question. You can compare what is said about each host, good or bad, and then compare your options based on that.

Remember that free hosts pay for your site’s service by placing ads on your pages. They may be at the top in the form of a banner in an iframe – a page which is hosted on their domain, not yours, but you can’t remove it. This can really make your page look funny when your content is pushed down, and it will look awful if your site is for your business. Consider using free hosting only if you have a personal site and don’t mind the ads.

You can’t complain to a free host if your website goes down. Well, you can complain, but they likely won’t rush to help you out. If you need your site to be up all the time and reliable, free hosting isn’t for you. You always get what you pay for, and when you aren’t paying anything, you don’t get much.

Even worse than the banner ads, some free hosts use pop-up ads instead. These will appear on top of your site in a new window, typically annoying your viewers. Some ads may contain malware which is harmful to the computer of anyone who views them. If you can’t check out who is behind the ads yourself, you will have no control of the content shown on your site. This can really upset people who visit, especially if they end up with a virus.

When you have your own domain, free hosting likely isn’t a good choice. If you were willing to pay for the domain, why not pay for a professional host as well? This will save you from all the ugly, damaging ads and the downtime associated with hosting on a free server. Anyone who is willing to buy a domain name should also be willing to seek out an affordable hosting option which offers the features they need and high quality customer service as well. Don’t settle for less!

Now that you understand the process of finding a free web host, your job is to use this information to locate a great company. When you have, your site will go online and you will be ready to share your message with the masses. Taking the time to do your research is key, so make use of these tips as you learn about your options.

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