Web Hosting Tips

Your website is the digital front of your business. When choosing a web host, make sure that they have a good reputation for 0% downtime.  Often cheap web hosting deals will require you to monitor you website often to make sure it hasn’t gone down or isn’t loading super slow. Your web hosting company is on of your most important business partners.  Your web host not only stores the content, design, and data for your website and they make sure your site is up at all times. Think of them like the property owner who is renting store space to you. They must make certain that the server is always optimized so that visitors can quickly load your pages in milliseconds 24/7 365 days of the year. A reliable web host is not hard to find, but you should expect to pay a little more for dependability.  Search google for most popular web hosting and you’ll find names that have been around for decades and have a solid track record of 0% downtime.

There are thousands of hosting plans out there. Expensive hosting services does not always mean better quality. Also, make sure that you are not over paying for storage space when all you really need is 10 Gbs. Cost is based on the various features you expect from your hosting plan. If your website only has a few small pages of mostly text and a few small images, then you may just need the basic features. If you plan to sell products on your website, you will need to look for web hosting that specializes in ecommerce.

Decide what resources your website will need. Think about the number of pages that you will want to have and the bells and whistles that you will include.  Contact form?  Appointment Scheduling?  Credit card payments? Also, if you plan to include a lot of high resolution images and or videos, you will need a lot of bandwidth. A good hosting plan should provide you with plenty of ssd disk space and data transfer that your website requires.

The very best web hosts offer a user-friendly control panel. This is most often cpanel. It helps you  you to manage your website easier, without knowing a lot of technical stuff. Transfering files, backing up your website, email newsletters are all popular features you may want to search for.  Ask potential web hosts about their up-time. A good web host should have an up-time that is close to 100%.

When you compare prices, make sure that you are comparing plans that have the same features, disk space, and data transfer allowance. Check as many hosting plans that you can find to see who can provide you with what you need at the best prices.

Do not forget to consider their customer service reputation. You want a your web hosting company that responds ASAP when you have any technical difficulties. Some hosts are known for providing excellent email or phone support. If the web host does not respond via email within minutes when you have an urgent technical problem you should be able to call tech support for urgent technical issues.

Remember these web hosting tips when you choose your web host. Especially if you plan on hosting multiple websites, doing research before you lock yourself into a year or two of hosting is well worth your time.  I happen to like hostinger the most.  If that changes, I will update this post with my next favorite host.

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